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To feel seen and nurtured



Highlight of my day: At the end of a session, client said she felt seen and nurtured. I love that. It’s truly a gift when I get to play the role of helping people feel more peace about themselves and life.

Life is often so full and things happen in phases and cycles. This has not been a writing phase for me (sorry for no astro blogs for quite awhile!), but I am still doing consultations!

May 19, 2015

Bach flower remedies



I have studied Bach flower essences for many years. Recently I have been offering suggestions to astrology clients (if they are interested) about which remedies may assist them in their life situation, healing, or growth process during current planetary influences or for natal chart placements. These remedies help to balance things on the subtle sphere and work on the vibrational level with the tremendous challenges of being human. They can ease one’s inner response to the effects of trauma, relationship issues, spiritual growth crises, difficult decisions, troubling emotional patterns, psychological complexes, and even physical complaints (as everything is connected).


The planetary positions at birth (the birth chart) show a symbolic picture of the types of assignments a soul chose/or was given to work on in this incarnation. It is impossible — and in actuality it is unwanted — to know exactly how things will manifest, as that is part of the mystery of life. But astrological symbols do reveal archetypal clues that provide insight for wherever one is in their expansion of consciousness at a given time. Each person has a unique path towards Self-development, and I’m grateful to astrology for reminding me of that — every time I look at another unique birth chart. The Bach remedies are one tool to help along the way. If you are interested in hearing suggestions for remedies in conjunction with an astrological consultation, please let me know so that I am sure to remember to include that. :)


“Health depends upon being in harmony with our souls.” ~Edward Bach

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