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October 4, 2014

October’s eclipses



There is a lot happening today — Mercury is turning retrograde (see post from Sept 27), the Sun is square Pluto, Mars is trine Uranus (see post from Sept 26), and the Moon’s happenings can always be discussed. However, this post is about the upcoming eclipses!


As my wise Bubby (grandmother) used to say, “Life brings changes” — a perfect saying for eclipse season, which comes around about twice a year. There are 2 eclipses in October, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on Oct 8th and and a Solar Eclipse New Moon on Oct 23rd. In general, eclipses break up stagnancy and create powerful portals that we must walk through — as something old dissolves away while at the same time something new emerges. Often the changes and transitions marked by eclipses are desired and can feel refreshing and freeing. On the other hand, sometimes the changes are not desired by the ego-consciousness and are experienced as loss. Either way, cosmic intelligence is clearing a path, and we are launched forward into the next phase in our journey of personal growth towards wholeness and Self-realization. Read more...

June 24, 2014

The unfoldment process involving the Mars T-square with Uranus & Pluto



Since Mars was retrograde during the Spring of 2014, instead of moving steadily along through the signs, it stopped at about 28º Libra, turned around for awhile from Mar 1st to May 19th, and went back to 9º Libra. Then Mars turned direct at 9º and once again began moving forward through Libra. What this means is that Mars is going over a portion of Libra three times, creating an unfoldment process beginning the first time Mars came to 9º Libra on Dec 25, 2013 and completing around Jul 21, 2014 when Mars will reach 28º Libra for the last time in this cycle. Read more...

June 16, 2014

Some thoughts about June



There are two particularly tense times in June that echo the dramatic changes, upheavals, and long-term effects of the Cardinal Grand Cross that peaked in April. On June 14th Mars squared Pluto again, and on June 25th Mars will oppose Uranus again. Squares and oppositions are known to be stressful or hard aspects, but they serve the purpose of pressuring us to turn corners, make choices, and overcome obstacles or problems that require attention, by calling upon our ingenuity, strength, and determination. Mars contributes plenty of vigor and energy to confront these challenges but can spur us into overdrive and add volatility or impatience to the mix. Uranus brings revolutionary thinking outside of the box, but this can also mean being suddenly outside of one’s comfort zone. Pluto tends to dig up buried parts of the self that have been suppressed, revealing hidden wounds, as well as potential treasures. If these Grand Cross aspects are not affecting your chart significantly, all of this may only be experienced as a subtle feeling or in the background of the collective. But many people were and still are being directly and concretely affected by the Grand Cross and these eruptive aftershocks. The Grand Cross can be seen as a Crossroads and with the planets in the Cardinal signs there is a lot of energy for initiating new directions. Read more...

April 17, 2014

Venus to the rescue



Sweet relief from Venus, the archetype of love and beauty — specifically tonight, tomorrow, and on April 25th — as she makes harmonious aspects with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. If we look around we may see there are ample sources of support and stability as well as opportunities to tap into the experiences of connection, healing, and empowerment amidst the Grand Cross challenges that peak this month.


July 4, 2011

July 4-13 Venus connects with all the outer planets



From 7/4 to 7/13 Venus connects with all the outer planets one after the other - bringing intense focus to relationships and one’s sense of self-worth. Venus will reactivate the Grand Cross - tension, polarization of opposing feelings, and the need for change/transformation that we felt through June - but Venus also makes harmonious aspects supporting spiritual vision, connection, and buoyancy. Read more...

June 30, 2011

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer ♋



Early on 7/1/2011 there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse. Eclipses “clip” something out. This can be something we have been holding on to, which needs to be released, or something we are glad to see go. Either way, and though this can be difficult to appreciate at the time, the change matures us and advances our soul growth.

The eclipse is at 10º Cancer ♋. The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is: “A large and beautiful diamond, in the hand of the lapidary, is now to be cut to its full perfection.” Curiously, this symbol echoes the eclipse theme of something of oneself being cut (or clipped, e-clip-sed), so that the facets of self reflect the inner divine light more perfectly. Read more...

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