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June 3, 2011

Neptune goes retrograde today for 5 months



Neptune ♆, the planet of union with the Divine, subtle perceptions of the inner realms, and also paradoxically delusion and glamour - went retrograde today. The retrograde phase (now through mid Nov) reveals the process of discerning truth from deception and reality from illusion. This is the time to listen carefully to your intuition, review what you believe to be true, and align with your spiritual path.

I read this headline today, which deepened my understanding of Neptune retrograde:
“A federal grand jury charged two-time presidential candidate John Edwards on Friday with soliciting and covering up the secret spending of more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby during the peak of his 2008 campaign for the White House.”

Spiritual alignment will happen sooner or later, with our conscious intention or not, but it’s more pleasant to go willingly toward Truth, instead of being caught and imprisoned by that which we would prefer to deny.

May 19, 2011

Square to Neptune overactive imagination or creative mystical imagination?



This Full Moon on 5/17 was square to Neptune ♆, so although something comes to light once the Moon reaches fullness (lighting up the night - lighting up that which was previously dark), the square to Neptune may have added confusion or an overactive imagination (or creative mystical imagination, on the higher side) into the mix, only to be seen more clearly now, a day or two after the Full Moon.

April 2, 2011

Neptune enters Pisces



With the powerful and dynamic celestial events as of late, today we have a softening & gentle, yet significant influence: Neptune, the planet of spirituality, enters it’s corresponding sign, Pisces. This is a big shift as Neptune will be spending the next 14 years in the shimmery waters of Pisces (minus a short retrograde into Aquarius)! Compassion, unity consciousness, and unconditional love are strongly supported!

Neptune in Pisces wisdom: “A Sufi story tells of a student who complains to his teacher about the cruel realities of the world. The teacher replies, ‘Yes, of course, but if it weren’t for the hidden work of those who pray, imagine, dream, and act compassionately when the opportunity presents itself, things would be much worse.’” ~Caroline Casey

March 26, 2011

Venus, goddess of love, kisses dreamy Neptune



May we soak up this moment, as Venus, goddess of love, kisses dreamy Neptune tonight, right before entering his sign, Pisces, for 3 1/2 weeks. Perhaps boundaries melt away, and a glimpse of union is felt. You float gently, letting imagination guide. The voice of intuition speaks within inspiring us towards higher expressions of love & creativity... Or, there might be confusion, illusion, or over-idealization.

February 20, 2011

Mercury, Mars, and Neptune conjunct



Mercury (communication), Mars (action and/or war), and Neptune (spirituality and/or illusions) all meet today. This combination of energies has the potential to stir up a whirlwind of intense interactions, with the possibility of confusion being part of the mix. It’s a good time to seek direct knowledge from experience, while maintaining awareness of egoic impulses, and without having one’s head in the clouds.

These three planets are meeting at 29º Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “The beautifully winged insect has just come forth into glorious adult being on completion of its metamorphosis.”

February 17, 2011

All things mystical



The Sun touched Neptune ♆ before moving into Pisces ♓ (ruled by Neptune) tomorrow. This is one of a series of planets already or soon to meet Neptune, then enter Pisces - supporting the momentum for all things mystical - connecting with the divine, listening to intuition, and contemplating unconditional love. At the same time, it is equally important to be aware of blind spots, use discernment, & stay grounded.

*side note: obviously referring to the Sun or Moon as “planets” is not technically correct, but a a matter of speech in astrology... When astrology was developed in ancient times, it was based on observing the bodies of light in the sky from earth’s perspective...

January 20, 2011

Sun, Mars, Chiron, and Neptune all in Aquarius



Today the Sun joins Mars, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius ♒, bringing the essence of the Water Bearer strongly into focus. The glyph ♒ is 2 serpents, symbolic of knowledge, which the Water Bearer is pouring forth. Aquarius opens us to revolutionary breakthroughs, freeing us from structures and paradigms no longer adequate for the expansion of consciousness that is unfolding, within oneself and collectively.

Sun in Aquarius from 1/20/11 to 2/17/11
Mars in Aquarius from 1/15/11-2/22/11
Chiron in Aquarius from 2/22/05 to 2/9/11
Neptune in Aquarius from 1/29/98 to 4/4/11

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