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October 16, 2014

Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun



As Mercury continues to move backwards, he converges with the Sun today and is fully absorbed into the Sun’s light. I have heard a couple of explanations about this that I really like. One is that when a planet is conjunct the Sun, it becomes purified by the heat and fire of the Sun. Since Mercury represents the mind, thoughts, and how we communicate, we can take this moment as an opportunity to consciously choose to place certain habitual thought forms or patterns of communication that are no longer serving us, into a symbolic sacred fire to be dissolved and burned away. The other explanation I like is that the conjunction with the Sun represents a significant moment to seed a new beginning. So after the fire there is a space, an opportunity for regeneration, and a freedom to create a new thought, a new idea, a new way of communicating that represents how we want to think and express ourselves moving forward into the future. The rest of the Mercury retrograde cycle (through Oct 25) can be an incubation period providing time for further research, development, and clarification for this new consciousness or intention.

November 17, 2012

Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun



Today Mercury retrograde is conjunct the Sun: “Mercury is in the Heart of the Sun, symbolically in the throne room of the King. This is the ‘seed moment’ of the Mercury cycle — as the Earth, Mercury and the Sun all line up in a straight line. Thus, it is a wonderful time to set your intentions with respect to communications, movement, learning, teaching and any other Mercurial significations” (Gary Caton). This conjunction of Mercury with the Sun is near where the eclipse happened — once again highlighting the area of one’s chart where Scorpio lies, and showing a specific area of life and self where one can focus the intention. “I believe that if there is something you wish to achieve or master, it helps to sit down first and have an image of yourself already there” (Howard Sasportas)

November 20, 2011

Sun square Neptune (☉◻♆)



Sun square Neptune today: Vitality may not be at its height, nor logic and clarity. It could be more productive to slow down and nurture the right brain side of life. The demand of a square can help one make a shift. With some effort — one may discover intuition, vision, compassion, or mystical love. Even in practical pursuits there may be a dimension of art or transcendent inspiration... Planetary transits are opportunities — we can partner with them to go with the flow instead of resist it. 

August 21, 2011

Venus and the Sun oppose Neptune



With Venus and the Sun opposite Neptune, the urge to escape from ordinary reality may be strong. Anything from fantasy and glamour, to deception, delusion, and addictive behavior, to mystical love and deep communion with the Divine through art, nature, and contemplation is available... And we can use our inspired imagination for conscious creation. 


Venus opposes Neptune Sunday at 9:41am EDT, and the Sun opposes Neptune on Monday at 7:28pm EDT. The influence may be felt for a day or two on either side of the exact times... 

August 16, 2011

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury (retrograde) join in radiant Leo

July 30, 2011

New Moon in Leo

July 27, 2011

Gemini Moon conjunct Mars, Sun trine Uranus, and Mercury’s Shadow

July 23, 2011

Today the Sun entered its home sign of Leo

June 27, 2011

Powerful forces within and without

June 26, 2011

Sun square Uranus

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