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October 6, 2011

A few of October’s celestial highlights



I will be on a spiritual retreat, away from this blog and astro consultations for a little while (through 10/17 at least)… As far as planetary transits go, here are some highlights, which I will be observing over the coming days: 


I am hoping Mercury (transportation) conjunct Saturn (Father Time) on 10/6 does not delay my travel plans! On 10/7 I am looking forward to experiencing the mystical sweetness of Venus (love) trine Neptune (spirituality). The Moon is Void-of-Course for much of this weekend, favoring chill/incubation time over productivity and initiating new things… Then next week Venus and Mercury shift out of fair and diplomatic Libra, taking communicating and relating of all kinds into the deep waters of Scorpio for intensified intimacy and self-transcendence through relationship… On 10/11 there is an exciting Aries Full Moon. Emotions tend to run high anyway when the Moon is full, but in Aries they could be extra fiery. This Full Moon is the perfect time to step into and embody the full courage of your spirit, since Aries is the inner pioneer and warrior... On 10/12 Mercury trines Neptune, bringing an opportunity to absorb collective Higher knowledge into one’s own personal thought waves… On 10/13 the Sun is conjunct serious and disciplined Saturn, but then on 10/14 Venus opposes Jupiter — the two benefics in a polarized position could be just the antidote, expanding love to great heights… October is certainly rich with a diversity of planetary energies in the air...

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