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Marlena Applebaum

M.A. in Counseling Psychology

Astrological Counseling

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“My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. Some remarkable things have turned up which will certainly appear incredible to you.”

~Carl Jung in a letter to Sigmund Freud (June 12, 1911)


Astrological Counseling

I offer astrological counseling for psycho-spiritual exploration, understanding, and transformation. Astrology utilized in this way can be a missing key for deep inner work and can shed light on the path towards greater harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of one’s life journey. My approach to astrology is to share the potentials and opportunities I see while exploring how the symbols and archetypes are manifesting uniquely for each individual. Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-knowledge and a help in times of challenge or transition. It can facilitate tremendous insight and peace, as well as provide timelines for certain archetypal or energetic influences reflected in our lives and inner states of being. Consultations available for birth chart exploration, current influences, relationship dynamics, and timing for important events. 


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December 30, 2010

All planets are direct!



Mercury went direct at 2:21am EST. 12/30/10 to 1/26/11 all planets are direct! This is somewhat rare and suggests things will be flowing forward freely now (the reflection time is over)! However it is the Solar Eclipse New Moon on 1/04/11 that will jump start a fresh cycle, and the energy will really start moving fast after 1/20/11 when Jupiter enters Aries, the sign of new beginnings!

December 29, 2010

The archetype of Capricorn



The Sun is in Capricorn ♑ 12/21/10-1/19/11 (The essence of the sign the Sun is in often characterizes the current spirit in the air). The archetype of Capricorn is about determination and pragmatism - for the purpose of laying the foundations upon which visions can be built. By methodically working to overcome obstacles and achieve goals, dreams materialize and become reality.

December 27, 2010

Travel complications during Mercury retrograde



Everyone I know who traveled for the holidays - before, during, and after - short or long distances - had some sort of change of plans, delay, complication or other hitch - a classic Mercury retrograde manifestation. Mercury rules transportation and retrograde means things go a little backwards as the planet [god] takes a break from normal duties...

December 26, 2010

Feel the restful, blue-black velvet of deep space



“All around you: feel the restful, blue-black velvet of deep space. It supports you as the sky supports the stars. Floating in the center, entirely trusting the cradling silence, you are being created moment-to-moment by the power of a wise Presence that never abandons you.” ~Penney Peirce

December 23, 2010

It was a star that guided the three Wise Men



“According to Christian tradition it was a star that had guided the three Wise Men (who in the original Greek are called astrologers) to Bethlehem... The consensus of opinion among modern astrologers is that the ‘star’ of Bethlehem was in fact a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces... an exceptional phenomenon that the Wise Men would have considered a major omen”~Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology

December 22, 2010

The second half of Mercury retrograde



Now in the 2nd half of Mercury Retrograde, the re-evaluating and re-envisioning that has been going on could have revealed something — an idea or insight, which though may still be ripening — is beginning to be known and felt within. Yet it might not be fully understood until after Mercury goes direct, after Dec 30th.

December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice



Today is the Winter Solstice when the Sun descends to its lowest position in the sky of the whole year, into Capricorn. Then for 3 days the Sun will appear to be *still* until it begins to ascend higher in the sky again on Christmas day. Dec 25 was originally celebrated as the festival of the Sun’s return... I am going to try to allow more stillness into my experience over these 3 special days.

December 20, 2010

To keep in mind for tonight’s eclipse



“There is no denying the fact that a few prayers and ordeals undergone with keen concentration, concurrently with the eclipse of the sun or moon, do result in great spiritual benefit to the individual concerned.” ~Meher Baba (TREASURES, pp. 191-192)

“Eclipses are cosmic doorways that open to invite our growth and conscious intent for enlightenment.” ~Dulce


December 19, 2010

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse



Early on Dec 21 there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (3:13a EST) in 29º Gemini ♊. Wherever 29º Gemini is in one’s chart (or significant aspects to that degree) will reveal information about what might be eclipsed, that is, what might fall away or morph significantly for growth needs, allowing one to walk through a door into a new phase.

December 18, 2010

Use the Void-of-Course Moon to your advantage



We have a long Void-of-Course Moon today 4:36p-10:37p EST. As Steven Forrest says, regarding actions taken during the VOC Moon, “Nothing will come of the matter. Sometimes that’s good news, other times not.” Knowing when the Moon is VOC can help you use it to your advantage.

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