Marlena Applebaum

M.A. in Counseling Psychology

Astrological Counseling



“What then, one might ask, does an astrologer do? What is his purpose? What can he legitimately offer people if not specific advice? He can offer his insight, his understanding, and his support; and he can provide, with the help of astrology, clarification, a sense of order and meaning, a possibility of gaining higher awareness, and a sense of the ultimate implications of the present situation. Astrology used in this way provides a means by which people can more effectively deal with their lives by recognizing their participation in cosmic cycles, thus helping them to gain a true perspective on themselves and their dealings with the outer world. A birth-chart is not a static thing that one simply ‘gets done.’ It is rather a map which can help the person along the road of self-discovery and self-realization.” ~ Stephen Arroyo


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Integrating astrology and psychology together is a natural fit and an extremely useful tool for everyday life, as well as for psycho-spiritual exploration and growth. I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University) in Palo Alto, CA and bring my diverse experience, wisdom, and empathy into all of my work. I have been immersed in the language of astrology my entire life, but was inspired to begin a deeper study of this ancient system of knowledge years ago during my first Saturn Return. Consultations are available for $125 per hour, over the phone, or online — single consultations or a series of sessions for in-depth work. I accept payment on a sliding scale if needed. I provide a digital audio recording of all sessions.

  • Explore your birth chart to cultivate deeper self-understanding, self-awareness, and self-acceptance.

  • Look at the timeframes for planetary correlations that are unfolding — currently or for different periods of time over the course of your life.

  • Understand relationship dynamics between you and others, and gain insight into the growth purposes of the relationship.

  • Choose the birth time for important events. 

 Contact me to schedule a consultation. Gift Certificates available.

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