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Marlena Applebaum :: Astrological Counseling :: Testimonials


Marlena Applebaum

M.A. in Counseling Psychology

Astrological Counseling



Your work shed so much light for me

“Marlena I just have to thank you once again. Your work shed so much light for me. I can’t even put it into words.  Thank you, thank you, please keep doing what you do. You are gifted and talented. I was so blown away by what you had to say and I love it! I’ve been telling all my friends. I think so many people could benefit from it.” ~A


I feel re-connected with agape, the great cosmic love of the Universe

“Working with Marlena has catalyzed tremendous insight for me. She helped clarify certain concepts and psychological processes in a way that opened for me a profound space, which I have never reached before. But her biggest gift is that she clearly carries within her the exquisite tenderness, compassion, and soulful beauty of the Goddess (sacred feminine). I feel reminded, re-connected, and at One with agape, the great cosmic love of the Universe. Thank you!” ~G


Insight, applied practicality, and heart-centered approach

“I found Marlena’s work to be rich with insight and applied practicality. She used astrological information as a tool in uncovering hidden influences and aspects of my process. This combined with her heart-centered approach resulted in a sense of illumination, catalyzing my personal healing in new and positive ways.” ~E


You truly have a gift

“Hi Marlena, Thank you so much for yesterday’s session! I received the recording, and I’m so glad I’ll have that as a reference. The more I think and reflect on much of what you said, the more it resonates with me. Today I’ve felt a renewed sense of self, a sense of validation about many internal tendencies and drives. You truly have a gift, and you’ve found such a perfect avenue for your wisdom and perceptiveness. Astrology is such a complex art (and science), and I’m impressed with how deeply you’ve mastered it.” ~G


Trust myself more and relax into my own life

“I love the way Marlena brings out the positive aspects of everything that happens in my chart. She doesn’t avoid the challenges and shadows, but uses them to help me be more forgiving of myself and see the larger picture. I have had other great astrology readings in the past, but Marlena is the first who has helped me to experience astrology as a way to trust myself more and relax into my own life.” ~M


Focus on the higher vibration

“Your comments about choosing to focus on the higher vibration or potentials of the planet making the aspect, instead of the lower or negative ones — and offering examples of that, has helped me to not get stuck in some of my typical mindsets of worry and negative expectation. That has been really helpful to me. Thanks.” ~D


Validating and relieving

“Marlena, hi ... Just wanted to get a note off to you and thank you SOOOOO much for the reading. It’s given me a lot to think about — to feel about — and has been so validating. I told someone today: just having so many things ‘named’ that are internal or inexplicable or relentlessly logic-defying these days ... well, it was relieving. “ ~E



“Marlena has become indispensable to me. As an executive, I find I don’t want to make any major business moves without checking in with her. Taking Marlena’s astrological counsel combined with her intrinsic level-headedness has greatly helped me in navigating through my deals. Now I know when to put the sails up, or bring them down, or just set anchor until a favorable wind is blowing. I have become a much better sailor thanks to her advice.” ~R


To know myself better

“I’m still thinking about and digesting all you said yesterday. It was so good for me to hear all that. You touched on some deep inner aspects of myself, which is helping me to know myself better. And knowing myself better helps me to open myself to others, love naturally, and be more fluid with life. Thank you so much.” ~P


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